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at the Marion County Fairgrounds

If you have an interesting link that you think other racers would like to follow, please email it to the Webmaster.  We will post it here!

If you are a potential sponsor, we would encourage you to link to your business here or elsewhere on the site.  You can be on one page or all pages.  That would be your call.  You can also sponsor special events or make donations to our facility.  (See detailed information below.)  Contact R/Car's KEVIN COLE on the "Contact" page for more information on being a sponsor.


R/CAR is looking for local and regional businesses willing to support our "Non-profit" effort here at the Marion County Fairgrounds Speedway.  Our vision is to offer a world class venue for R/C racing while providing a positive influence for our youth in a family oriented enviroment.

If your business wished to participate, please consider helping us build this facility with your generous support, contact us by phone or email and we will be happy to meet with you and discuss the opportunities.


1.) Your company name on our Banner

2.) Your 3' x 5' banner hung for all events

     -plus cost banner unless we use yours

3.) Race Sponsorship                                    

     -Includes your banner for all events

     -Race designated in your name

     -Multiple banners may be hung for your race

     -Community announcement with your name

     -Race to mention your business & pertinent details throughout the race day,

     -All club members to be highly encouraged to patronize your business

     -Canopy or Kiosk may be set up on site to hand out information on your business, display products, etc.

4.) Multi-year agreement - 25% discount

5.) Exclusive advertising rights for particular business or trade - add 25%

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